How did the Cowboys lose to a nameless team?

The Dallas Cowboys simply can’t catch a break. A team that been plagued with injuries from Dak to the offensive line has now lost its backup quarterback Andy Dalton, albeit for 1.5 games but, nonetheless.

So what happened against the Washington Football Team? Well, the same thing that happened last week, and practically all season.

For one, the offensive line of the Cowboys now filled with backups was simply no match for Washington’s defensive line. Without a decent offensive line, there is simply no protection for the quarterback. Andy Dalton was running for his life on every play, taking 3 sacks, one of which resulted in a fumble and safety.

And the defense is just..bad. They gave me a semblance of hope when they stopped Washington in the red zone on 4th down, but then after the safety, they simply gave up, giving Washington 9 points.

At this point, I thought the Cowboys still had a chance as Pollard made a 67 yard punt return. But yet again, the offense did nothing with this opportunity, settling for a field goal.

Right before half-time, when the score was 22-3, the Cowboys offense was finally moving the ball down the field. But as is the theme of the season, Andy Dalton, threw an interception, and the game was simply hard to watch after that.

While the game ended with Washington winning 25-3, the ugly hit that injured Andy Dalton is what I remembered most.

When a quarterback is running he either can slide indicating that he is yielding (does not need to be tackled) or he can run and get tackled, risking injury. In Dalton’s case, he slid, so there was no need to be tackled/hit, but simply tapped. Jon Bostic, decided to hit Andy Dalton in the head, which is in itself a penalty, but what made it worse was that Dalton was completely blindsided and knocked out.

So, now we are no longer in the first place of the NFC East, but in 3rd. Next week against the Philadelphia Eagles is going to be painful.

Comment below with your thoughts on this game!

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